Central Lab mainly handles physical and chemical testing of occupational health-related samples, as well as scientific research on occupational health, with a testing capacity among the national bests. Its testing fields include air of working place, occupational disease, poisoning treatment and samples of food, cosmetics, interior decoration materials and environmental samples, etc. The lab is about 1000 m2 with 15 official staff, 5 of which have senior professional title. There are over 10 large precision instruments such as ICPMS and GCMS. The lab also has qualifications such as metrological certification, national lab certification, first-rate occupational health technological service agency, and health care products registration and testing agency. In the past 3 years, Central Lab has made 2 national occupational health testing criteria, and has won the academic thesis contest of the institute in a row. 35,000 item/time of sample testing has been carried out in the year 2013. The coming testing orders has already been reserved to the second half of 2014 and we are now extending a new lab.

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